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This ring was last updated on 5/10/2018. Email Contact
Ring Details
Class Year Gender Initials
2016 Ladies JLB
School Name Manufacturer
Southaven High School 1-Not Shown
Mascot Stone Type Stone Texture
Chargers April - White Spinel 0-Not Sure
Metal Status Reward Returned
0-Not Sure Lost 100.00 No
Information On Where The Ring Was Lost Or Last Seen
State City Zip Code
Mississippi Horn Lake 38637
Specific Area Where This Ring Was Lost Or Last Seen
This is a ladies 2017 Sterling silver southaven high school classring that was stolen (along with Several other pieces of jewelry) in a home burglary that took place in the Desoto Village area of Horn Lake in May/June 2017. My daughter graduated 1-2 before the burglary and had every piece of jewelry that was EVER given to her stolen. The ring is engraved on the top with JENNAH 2017 and on the inside with Southaven High School Band. The manufacturer is Limonges Jewelers. If found, please contact me at 9012817350.