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Ring Details
Class Year Gender Initials
1994 Ladies SAM
School Name Manufacturer
Stonewall Jackson Senior High 0-Not Sure
Mascot Stone Type Stone Texture
Raiders March - Aquamarine Smooth
Metal Status Reward Returned
Gold - Yellow Lost No
Information On Where The Ring Was Lost Or Last Seen
State City Zip Code
North Carolina Greensboro 27401
Specific Area Where This Ring Was Lost Or Last Seen
Please note that there is a symbol under the stone of two hearts. While I was visiting friends out of town (prior to moving and after giving notice), my landlord went in and took everything of value out of my apartment. When I came back, everything was gone including my jewelry. The apartment was on Magnolia Ave- but the house it was in has since been demolished and I think there is doctor's office there now. This was 1995ish when I found it was taken.