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Our 48 Most Recently Posted Class Rings Search ALL Class Rings
Ring ID Status School Name Class Gender Posted
28628 Lost Edison high 1978 Ladies 6/16/2019
28627 Lost Leland 1978 Ladies 6/14/2019
28626 Lost Charleston High 1969 Ladies 6/14/2019
28625 Lost Cabot High School 1997 Ladies 6/13/2019
28624 Lost Maquoketa High School 1982 Ladies 6/12/2019
28623 Lost VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL 1985 Ladies 6/12/2019
28622 Lost Bellevue high school 1980 Mens 6/11/2019
28621 Lost University of Notre Dame 1991 Ladies 6/10/2019
28620 Lost Highland High School 2005 Mens 6/8/2019
28619 Lost Baylor University 2008 Ladies 6/7/2019
28618 Lost Hokes Bluff High School 1962 Ladies 6/7/2019
28617 Lost Sam Houston State University 2010 Mens 6/6/2019
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Current Ring Totals In Directory
Lost 22,570
Found 4,292
  • Ring ID Gender
    11289 Ladies
    Class Status
    1954 Found
  • Ring ID Gender
    25129 Ladies
    Class Status
    1982 Lost
  • Ring ID Gender
    27452 Ladies
    Class Status
    1969 Lost
  • Ring ID Gender
    23435 Mens
    Class Status
    1972 Found
  • Ring ID Gender
    1513 Mens
    Class Status
    1973 Found
  • Ring ID Gender
    11418 Mens
    Class Status
    1968 Found
  • Ring ID Gender
    27134 Mens
    Class Status
    1964 Lost
  • Ring ID Gender
    23057 Ladies
    Class Status
    2002 Lost
  • Ring ID Gender
    14215 Ladies
    Class Status
    1990 Lost
  • Ring ID Gender
    23031 Mens
    Class Status
    2009 Lost
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